What is Freekeh

“Freekeh” or “Farik” is roasted green wheat that is native to the Levant region. According to legend , Freekeh originated around 2300 BC when the attackers of a Syrian village set the green wheat field on fire before they retreated. When the villagers returned, they tried to salvage their wheat crops by rubbing away  the burnt chaff.

They discovered that because of the high moisture content of the kernels, they were merely roasted and were left with greenish color and a smoky nutty flavor. This led to the tradition of intentional harvesting wheat while still green and the grains at a milky stage and then carefully roasting green wheat spikelets. The commonly used name “Freekeh” is from the classical Arabic word “farik” which refers to the rubbing action used to remove the charred hull.

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