Number of servings: 2-4 persons


• 1 cup lentil 160g
• 1/2 cup freekeh 100g
• 20 onions 200g
• 4 tsp olive oil 60ml
• salt upon request


• Onion is chopped finely and is then fried in a pan containing heated oil.
• Washed lentils is added and submerged in water.
• The mix is boiled on a low heat.
•After 10 minutes, washed and soaked freekeh is added to the half cooked lentils. The mix is immerged again in water.
• Salt is added and the mix is leaved on a low temperature until the lentils and freekeh mature.
• Sliced onions are fried in a frying pan with olive oil until their color turns into brown.
• Lentils and freekeh are poured in a cup and decorated with brownish onions.
• The platter is served hot or slightly warm.