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For all of you freekeh freaks, we’ve got just the thing: an awesome round-up of amazing freekeh recipes prepared by professional Chefs.


Vine leaves stuffed with freekeh and grape vinegar

Number of servings: 4 THE INGREDIENTS • 500g vine leaves • 80 g freekeh • 400g ground meat • 2 tbsp grape...


Freekeh salad with almonds and raisin

Number of servings: 4 THE INGREDIENTS • 200g cooked freekeh( 1cup) •1 cucumber •2 tsp parsley(12g) •1 tsp mint (6g) •1/4 cup...


Chicken balls with pomegranate syrup and boiled freekeh

Number of servings: 20 pieces THE INGREDIENTS For chicken balls • 150g grind chicken • 2 garlic (6g) • 1 tbsp red capsicum paste...

freekeh salad

Freekeh salad with dried fruits and vinegar

Number of servings: 4 persons THE INGREDIENTS • 200g white cheese cut into cubs • 400g boiled freekeh • 60g boiled chickpeas...


Chicken kabseh freekeh

Number of servings: 4 persons THE INGREDIENTS • 1,5 kg Chicken • 2cups freekeh 400g • 4 sachets chicken broth 1L •...


Lentils with freekeh

Number of servings: 2-4 persons THE INGREDIENTS • 1 cup lentil 160g • 1/2 cup freekeh 100g • 20 onions 200g • 4 tsp...


Freekeh Djej

Number of servings: 5 (by Tawlet) THE INGREDIENTS • 500g frikeh • 300g onions (wings) • 1.7 kg whole chicken • 150g olive oil (for...


Veggie freekeh

Number of servings: 6 (by Tawlet) THE INGREDIENTS • 1 cup coarse frikeh • 1 small onion diced • 2 small carrot diced • 2...


Freekeh soup

Number of servings: 4 THE INGREDIENTS • 1 cup Freekeh (Smoked Green Wheat) • 8 – 10  cups chicken or beef broth...


Joe Barza is a Lebanese Chef, television personality, and culinary consultant. Barza is known for co-hosting the Middle Eastern  version of the TV program Top Chef.


Chadi Zaytouni is a Lebanese Celebrity Chef, radio cooking show presenter, and a newspaper and magazine food writer. Chef Chadi is specialized to develop innovative food concepts.

When cooking freekeh you need to decide whether to use wholegrain or cracked . ” Usually we recommend wholegrain for salads or pilafs as there’s less chance of overcooking it – you want it to retain a bit of crunch,” “Cracked freekeh is great in stuffings and in soups.”