Number of servings: 5 (by Tawlet)


• 500g frikeh
• 300g onions (wings)
• 1.7 kg whole chicken
• 150g olive oil (for onions)
• Toasted almonds (garnish)
• Bay leaf, cinnamon, salt and  whole onion (aromatics for  chicken)


• Wash frikeh. Put in a heavy pot and cover with 2 cm of water over the frikeh. Add 10g salt and boil till the water reaches the top of the frikeh.
• In the meantime, soften the onions in olive oil.
• When the water reaches the top of the frikeh pot, add onions and mix. Let the water dry out and cook for around 1 hour.
• Put chicken in water and boil. Skim the scum on top. Add 15g of salt and aromatics. Simmer for around 1 hour • When chicken is done, take off from the bone. Shred into big pieces and serve with frikeh topped with toasted almonds.